23 Things for Professional Development

Initially I was apprehensive

To start this thing called  CPD

The things to do were quite a number

The number being twenty-three


I pondered upon it fleetingly

Til I heard a speech by LeMurph

She made me think of all the wonders

(She also made me think of smurfs)


This would be a great way to connect

With librarians all around the world

Those who biked, and those who bickered

Those who pleased and those who purled


The  ‘Things’ I know, I  can  do better

The ones I don’t, I now can learn

I’ll  improve myself step by step

It’s free, so there are no money concerns


A thing a week? Is that to much?

But oh! It can be so much fun

And then before I even know it

I will have completed Thing Number One




6 thoughts on “CPD23: Thing 1

  1. Hi, I’ve come here from my blog to see what comments I can make about your brand.

    It seems that your two blogs very much split the personal from the professional. Your other blog (bringitonbrighton) focuses predominantly on professional issues, and has quite a tidy appearance, while this one has a much more fun, personal feel to it. I think that’s a really good idea.

    At the moment there doesn’t seem to be much of a tie between any of your blogs and Twitter, both in the design and in your photo; is this something you intend to address in future, or would you rather help keep them separate by giving each site a distinct style?

    I love the poem by the way!

    • Hello and thank you for popping in, and I’m happy someone enjoyed the poem.

      I’d forgotten that Bringitonbrighton was open! That was part of our assessment for the Information Architecture Module, so it had to be written more formally. [I’ve now made it private]. The other blog which shows more of what I’m like are my posts on inforgs.wordpress.com

      The photo will be changed, I just decided to put in a random holder photo. But you’re probably right that there should be a match if I want to create a consistent brand image. (I think I just died a little on the inside saying that.)

      I’m still trying to negotiate the line between business and personal. I’ve not really found it I don’t think.

  2. Well, not only did i enjoy the poem, but i particularly liked the point about connection. This is a major deal for me, which is why I’m going to go through the “things”. Connecting with other librarians and sharing thoughts, advice, experiences can only be a good thing for the profession as a whole.

    • Hi Julie
      It was really nice meeting you last Thursday, and we did exactly what we both think should happen, sharing knowledge, planning to take over the world, etc etc.

      The info you gave me about architect students made me discover another route that I should be exploring, so hopefully I’ll be able to follow this up properly.

  3. I also enjoyed the poem- along with the blog title! – and am hiding my eyes from the comments about branding, as I’m just trying to catch up (started the cpd23 today).

    • Hello Carly,

      Thank you for popping by! Re my title: I actually terrible at RPG questing games, I have no patience for things like that. The nice thing about librarianship, is the variety, and the way that it touches upon so many things that I have interests in. I hope that you’ve caught up with CPD23 by now. Although I am now two things behind…. EEK!

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