Thing 3 of CPD23  is to find out what my personal brand is.

I’m a relative newcomer to the LIS world,  becoming a public library assistant in September 2011, and beginning my LIS studies in October 2010. I started interacting with other information professionals via twitter in the run up to the 2011 New Professionals Conference, where I presented alongside Joseph Norwood (@dreamingentity).

I know how I come across in real life: enthusiastic, proactive, and approachable (agreed?), but it’s harder to gauge how I appear online to people who have not met me. I asked Ian Hunter (idhunter22)  and he said that my blog seemed fun and personal. I think those are good qualities exude, but he  also mentioned that there seemed to be no consistency between the blog and my twitter account designs, even the photos are different! I’m thinking about using the same one for both.

One of my signatures, will be hand drawn things (there are more of these at info.wordpress.com).  Since starting the MA I have not had much time to  to get creative, so if possible I wish to incorporate elements of art into the CPD23 (hence the poem,  and the drawings and coming soon: A SONG!!)

There are LIS issues that I would like to be serious about, so I am unsure how well this will fit with the fun vibe I’m currently going for. We shall see!

For thing 3,  I googled myself. The top four things that appeared were about me, it’s lucky that my name is unusual in the Western part of the world.

Two of the four things were about LIS related activities that I’d participated in (Brighton Library Teach Meet and the CILIP page for the 2011 New Professionals Conference), the other two are for my Twitter account and my Facebook account. So far so innocuous! There’s also not much more that can be found about me really, but as I say. I’m new here.

I now consider Thing 3 done.



4 thoughts on “CPD23: Thing 3 (Personal Brand)

  1. I love your hand drawn stuff! I’ve been following them with great envy (I’ve always wished I could be more creative). I think this side of your brand could be a really interesting aspect to develop – to help you stand out and also to appeal to people who prefer to absorb information in different formats to text. Please keep the drawings coming! 🙂

    • Hi Jo

      Thank you very much for your comments! It’s nice to find I can tie different aspects of my life together, and that other people enjoy it too!

  2. I love the creative pieces you include on your blog! And I agree with Joeyanne that you could put this skill to great use professionally for people with different learning needs.

    Looking forward to following your posts!

    • Thank you very much for commenting.

      Different learning needs is something that I’m coming across with my summer placement/ dissertation at the moment, so I’m starting to investigate this a bit more. (or should be).

      I hope that my following posts will equally be as interesting to you.

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