Today started well and got better.

  1. Had a good interview for my dissertation, where the interviewee told me that he liked my semi structured interview style.
  2. Found out the the CILIP Henrik Jones Prize was a monetary prize.
  3. Played a game of scrabble.
  4. Ate delicious Vietnamese food at Song Que on Kingsland Road.
Then,  as I was walking down I decided to deviate from my normal route, and head down onto the canal towpath on Kingsland Road; though I had no idea where it would lead me.
And WOW, it’s like another world down there:  joggers, and fishers, cyclists (who were going far too fast), guys drinking beer, teenagers in hoodies, and swans on the canal.

Swans in Regents Canal

A man on a boat said hi to me, and we got chatting, and it turned out he’d built his own boat.

He. Had. Built. His. Own. Boat. Six weeks of welding with some help from his mates.

I got invited in for a cup of tea by Nigel, a retired electrical engineer.

Nigel's Barge

I learnt how locks work, and about the canal routes that run through Britain, it was fascinating peek into a different kind of life for a Londoner like me who has not seen much of Britain. It also turns out he’s friends with the Librarian at the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Yorkshire. [It seems like everyone always knows at least one librarian?]

Nigel is off to Bristol next, but maybe he’ll decide to go somewhere else, he can go wherever he wants. He has a boat.

I got off and wished him luck, and then the next thing I saw was
Word on the Water: The London Book Barge.
A. Bookshop. In. A. Barge.

Word on the Water

I climbed aboard and perused the books, telling myself that if there was a Kurt Vonnegut book, I’d buy it. And lo! There was one. Hocus Pocus, for a very reasonable price of £2.40. I don’t know what it’s about, but that will be another adventure.

The Book Barge will be going up and down the canals, and its route can be followed via @wordonthewater.

I took one final look (and photo) as I neared Islington tunnel, where there was no longer a tow path, and made my way up and out into Angel.

View of Regents Canal 2

I’ve also learnt about the Shoreditch Festival.


On until 24th July, there’s a floating cinema! I think I’ve missed the bulk of the cool stuff this year, but worth keeping in mind for next year.

This was probably one of the best detours I’ve made in my life so far!


4 thoughts on “♥ An A+ Day ♥

  1. Wow what a great day! Must get back to Song Que again sometime myself – that’s the one with the amazing beef noodle soup isnt it?

    • I’ve not tried any of the other Vietnamese places around that area, but Song Que was delicious! I had the beef noodle and beef balls combo (£1 extra) and I’d definitely eat it again. My friend tells me I need to try the summer rolls.

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