Wow it has been about month since I had a look at tools for raising awareness of the library and information field.

I’m already a user of Twitter and RSS feeds, so I figured I’d try out Pushnote. The only comment that I can make about Pushnote, is that it sucks like a vacuum cleaner. Perhaps I should cut it some slack as it was only a Beta version: but the following are the reasons why Pushnote is a bit of a Henry.

Picture of Henry the Vacumm Cleaner

1. I went through the process of signing up, but then a message flashed up asking me if I was happy that Pushnote would be keeping track of my data. I had to rethink that, so I clicked off from the registration process. Next thing I saw was an e-mail in my inbox congratulating me on signing up to Pushnote.

Even though I had not completed the prcoess.

2. I decided to give it a go, since I was signed up already. But despite downloading the widgets and thingamajimjams onto my computer, it wasn’t doing the thing I think it was supposed to do, which is to let me see notes and comments of other users. I was not in the mood to put effort into making it work, so I figured it was best just to delete my account.

3. There was no where to go to delete my account. Even facebook has a rather easy to find link where you can disable your account (although it says disable, and not delete, they probably still keep your information and your soul forever).

I think it was trying to be intuitive and simple, and trying not to inundate users with too much information, but dammit, I did not sign up to Hotel California.

I eventually found a way out by asking on twitter, and was sent a link that taught me how to delete the account. I have no idea how to get to the url via the Pushnote website itself.

Conclusion: see second paragraph.

What I’ve learnt from this is that there was no point in trying out something that I couldn’t see the purpose of in the first place, as there was no incentive for me to stick with it and make it work.


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