I remember being a child and reading something in my local library, and thinking how awesome it would be if I hid between the shelves and got locked into the library with all those books for me to browse and read at my leisure.  Provided there was food of course, and in my mind I was really thinking about ice cream. If only we could eat ice cream in libraries.

The point of this trip down memory lane is to show that even at a young age,  I was trying to bring together my love of libraries with my love of food.

I’ve achieved my dream (sort of) by hosting #libdimsum

What is #libdimsum?

#libdimsum brings librarians together to eat the Cantonese style of Chinese food called DimSum (or dim sum). Think of it as the Chinese version of tapas, food that is made for sharing.

Why run #libdimsum?

1. I love meeting librarians.

2. I love dimsum and the more people there are, the more you can order

3. I want more people to try dim sum and know that Chinese food is more than just those cheap all you can eat buffets.

Has it been successful?

1. I’ve met a lot of lovely librarians.

2. I’ve eaten a lot of dimsum.

3. I’ve introduced dimsum to people who’ve never tried it before!

So on all three accounts. YES YES YES! Today, I had my biggest turnout, with 13 attendees in total (including me), and with people traveling into London for the meal.

librarians eating chinese food in london

*Photo taken before the Oxford contingent arrived. The food on the table represents maybe a third of the dishes we had in total. I lost count!


People generally have a good time, catching up with friends, and making new ones, and talking about library related topics, or anything else!

I even have two hardcore libdimsum-mers who’ve attended three out of four events, and there’s now talks of #libtapas and #libkaraoke.

Things I’ve learnt through running #libdimsum

1. Be prepared for people dropping out last minute.

2. 13 people is the largest amount that you can comfortably fit around the table.  Not that I think I’ll ever get as many people coming along again. But I would set a limit at that, the next time I do run one.

3. Make sure you have get telephone contact numbers.

4. Being a host means that you may not get to eat as much at the start, but with dimsum, you can just order more as you go along, so it’s no big deal!

5. Dimsum is cheap! £11 pound per head for the last event, and previously it has even been under a tenner.

6. Bubble tea is a nice follow on from #libdimsum.  Or the pub!

librarians drinking bubble tea

Bubble Tea After Party

Of course it couldn’t happen without people coming along! So I want to thank all my libdimsum attendees, for joining me in enjoying the food. ❤


4 thoughts on “#LibDimSum

  1. What a brilliant idea! I do have a rather informal and irregular #medievaldimsum but it is just me and a medievalist friend, so perhaps we need to be more ambitious. Your tips will definitely help should we embark on such a scheme.

    • Hi Kathleen.

      Thank you for reading my post.

      Libdimsum is great! You and your friend are very welcome to join my next #libdimsum meet if you so wish! It is likely to be in September some time.
      I generally advertise through twitter, my account is @agentk23.

      I had a look at your blog, and was interested to see a message left behind from someone from Polytech U, as I studied a Graphic Design Course at Hong Kong Poly U while I was living there.


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