April 23, 2012

My name is still Ka-Ming, and my twitter handle is still @agentK23

I finished my degree and now have a CILIP approved MA degree from the University of Brighton

I recently got a part time job in a library that  serves Med School and Health related professions students, as well as Nhs staff.

I am still working on #UKLibChat, and I’m helping to organise the London LibTeachMeet that is happening on the 14th May.

I now run #LibDimSum meets, because I wish to introduce people to delicious Chinese food and find the opportunity to talk to and meet people from different library sectors. I’m looking forward to the third one!

The hunt for a full-time job goes on!


June 24, 2011

My name is Ka-Ming, on twitter I go by @agentK23

I’m currently working on my dissertation,  I also work part time as a public library assistant.

Over the summer I will be volunteering at the Prince’s Foundation Library which serves the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and the Prince’s Foundation for the Built environment.

I also volunteer at the Vestry House Museum, working in the photo archiving section, and for the Legacy of Limehouse Chinatown Project, working to bring to the world the rich stories of those who lived in London’s first Chinatown. I have been put in charge of creating the website for this project.

On top of this play the guitar (badly)  sing (badly) draw (badly) and sometimes dabble in a bit of writing.

Oh yes, and trying to be more active in campaigning to save libraries.

And attempting to hunt down that elusive beast: A full time librarian job. As sneaky as a Jabberwocky or so I’m told.

I’m currently in love with Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.


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